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When: Monday 17 July 2017
Where: Building Y3A, Macquarie University, North Ryde NSW 2109
Cost: Free – register online.


The NewMac Humanities Postgraduate Conference is one part of a volunteer, inter-disciplinary project organised by Higher Degree Research Candidates at Macquarie University and the University of Newcastle. Both universities are active members and supporters of the History Council of NSW. The project also includes production of the peer-reviewed journal Humanity, which is designed and edited by NewMac volunteers.

In 2017, the NewMac Humanities Postgraduate Conference will be hosted by Macquarie University, and will explore the theme Making a Mark. Postgraduate students from across the humanities and social sciences are asked to share and explore their own research in relation to the conference theme.

  • What kind of mark does your research investigate and/or make? What impact does your work make on the wider community or world?
  • What significance does of your work hold for future research?
  • How does your work relate to the marks made by researchers in other disciplines?
  • What does Making a Mark mean for scholars in the humanities? How do we conceptualise and evaluate the significance, impact or value of humanities research?

Abstracts should be aimed at one or more of the following formats: 20-minute traditional papers, 5 to 7-minute ‘Work In Progress’ presentations (with panel discussion), 3-minute lightning round talks and poster session, and a ‘future fellows’ competition.

Abstracts are due by Saturday 20 May 2017.