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What is the History Effect?


The History Effect is an online event series, created by the History Council of New South Wales in May 2020 in response to the cancellation of our face-to-face events due to COVID-19.

We aim to feature Historians speaking about contemporary issues and events, as well as research and professional development.

We invite you to book into our events which will be streamed live via our website in the first instance, then subsequently made available for download.

If you are a member or a member organisation and would like to suggest an event to us or ask us to feature your events in a similar manner, please contact us.


How The History Effect works

The History Council of NSW has curated an initial series of online History presentations, some of which are based on our original planned face-to-face events, others which are newly minted ideas.

We are moving forward in the online environment, using and building on the capabilities of our Staff and Historians to bring audiences events that are not only topical but sustainable.  We record these presentations at a social distance, with presenters in their own homes or offices, brought together via a Zoom meeting space, or similar.  We ask the audience to book into these events to prevent the increasingly prevalent occurrences of “Zoom Bombing”, and we record them, edit them and put them up on our YouTube site.  During the recordings, we aim for an interactive experience, with the audience encouraged to ask questions.


Our episodes


  • The 2022 Calendar of Events to be announced in early 2022.