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Our vision is to ensure that history, in all its diverse forms, is an important part of the cultural life of the people and communities of New South Wales. From the history makers to the history thinkers, help us continue to keep history alive in New South Wales by supporting the ‘Value of History’.

About Us

The History Council of New South Wales (HCNSW) was established in 1995.  It is a not-for-profit membership association and a registered charity.  It is supported by Create NSW through an annual grant under the Arts & Cultural Development Program, and through partnerships with large cultural organisations.

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A not-for-profit association run for the benefit of its members, we provide services and programs, which aim to build capacity within the history sector and showcase the importance of history, and we actively seek the input of our members on our General Council, Executive and associated sub-committees.

There are two types of membership that we offer for individuals and organisations.

What we do

The HCNSW believes that History shapes the present and the future. It fosters the practice of history in all its forms. Learn more about our programs and services.

What’s On

The latest announcements, events, opportunities and projects from the History Council of NSW and its members. Become a member and share your history news. Credit (left): Three women on deck of a ship at Anniversary Regatta February 1937, Sam Hood Collection part II, courtesy State Library NSW

Announcement – History Week 2022 Theme ‘Hands-on History’

For History Week 2022 we invite our members to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty!

History doesn’t only happen in archives, libraries and books. Very often we need to go out in the field and get hands-on to connect with different sources, stories and audiences. Hands-on History invites members to explore histories by or about people who do things with their hands, whether that is for work or play.

You may also like to creatively consider how you use your hands to do history; be that digging up artefacts, uncovering archives, restoring precious and everyday objects, curating exhibitions, writing and drawing, sewing, painting, even making music or a film or podcast!

We want you to re-think Hands-on History and present your ideas in History Week 2022.

Speaker Connect Outreach Program

Our community loves history! These programs offer a great variety and opportunity for learning for our local community.
- Speaker Connect Host Organisation 2020

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