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Annual History Lecture


In Conversation: Laura McBride and Dr Mariko Smith

Unsettled Curators in Conversation

In 2021, the History Council of NSW is proud to present the Annual History Lecture (AHL) in a different format.  Instead of a formal lecture, this year’s AHL will feature an “in conversation” discussion between the Australian Museum’s Laura McBride (Director, First Nations) and Dr Mariko Smith (First Nations Curator) who will discuss their curatorial and historiographical approaches to developing and delivering the ground-breaking Unsettled exhibition, on display at the Australian Museum, Sydney until January 2022. 

Ms McBride and Dr Smith are pleased to participate in this important event, where they will reveal the exciting process of presenting a First Nations-led exhibition about the legacy of colonisation, constructions of Australian history and the importance of truth-telling to realise change.

The Annual History Lecture is an event usually produced & presented by the History Council of New South Wales every year in History Week, a state-wide celebration of History, which aims to engage and educate the community about the vitality, diversity and meaning of history and its practice.

Laura McBride


Laura McBride is a Wailwan and Kooma woman and Director, First Nations at the Australian Museum. Laura aims to prioritise and amplify First Nations voices so that Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Pasifika communities represent themselves and their cultures within the Museum. Laura previously held the First Nations Curator, Creative Producer, and Aboriginal Educator roles at the Australian Museum.

Her projects have included the Garrigarrang: Sea Country, GADI, and Unsettled exhibitions, and conducting ground-breaking First Nations community consultation through The 2020 Project. Laura’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Psychology and Australian Indigenous Studies) from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Aboriginal Education from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Photo Credit: Anna Kučera.



Dr Mariko Smith


Dr Mariko Smith is a Yuin woman with Japanese heritage. Mariko is the First Nations Curator at the Australian Museum, and also an Honorary Associate in the School of Literature, Art & Media at the University of Sydney.

She undertakes an interdisciplinary practice that encompasses museology, contemporary art, visual sociology, research methodology, epistemology, and history. Mariko has worked in the museum and tertiary sectors in Sydney, specialising in Aboriginal cultural heritage, community-based cultural resurgence projects, and incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing into museum and artistic practices.

She initially trained and practised in law, and later completed a Master of Museum Studies and PhD from the University of Sydney. Her doctoral thesis was about Aboriginal tied-bark canoe making practice through cultural resurgence, which was inspired by work done in museums.

Photo Credit: Anna Kučera.

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