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Lisa Paton, Project Officer, First Nations Histories

We would like to warmly welcome Lisa Paton to the History Council team as our Project Officer, First Nations Histories. We are excited to work alongside her and to see how her role develops over time! Welcome to the team, Lisa!


Lisa Paton

Project Officer, First Nations Histories

”I have a passion for history, in particular, First Nations History. The Project Officer, First Nations Histories role will allow me to utilise my skills, passion and network development abilities to enthusiastically develop a program of activities that consolidates the work of the History Council of New South Wales and to enable a First Nations Voice in the perspectives of the operations of the HCNSW.”


Image to right: Lisa Paton with HCNSW Councillor Leah Lui-Chivizhe.

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This role is being funded by the City of Sydney through a Cultural Sector Innovation Grant.


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