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Photo credit:  A woman voter at a voting table, 1934. Sam Hood. Courtesy of the State Library of NSW.

Annual General Meeting 2021

Monday, 12 April 2021 @ 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the History Council of New South Wales Incorporated to be held on:

Monday 12 April 2021 at 5:30 pm via Zoom.

Register by 10am at the latest on Monday 12 April to obtain meeting information!!!

(Link to the Zoom meeting  along with links to meeting papers will be sent out to all registrants on the morning of the meeting after membership has been checked).

All current financial members are invited to attend to hear reports on the past year and be able to speak to items on the agenda and ask questions.  Meeting papers were sent out to all members on Friday, 26 March via MailChimp.

Nominations for the General Council of the History Council of New South Wales the period 2021-2023 (2 years) are now closed.  All attendees at the AGM and nominees for the General Council must be current financial members of the History Council of NSW on the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Voting: If there are the same number of nominations as positions on the General Council, those nominations will be accepted on the night.  If there are more nominations than positions on the General Council, voting will be held at the meeting, electronically.  Please note, under Clause 37 of the HCNSW Constitution, Proxy Voting is not permitted. For more information see History Council NSW Objects & Rules (Constitution).

Mode of meeting:  This year’s meeting will be held online via Zoom. Please book in via Eventbrite (“Book Now” button above).

Nominations for General Council of the HCNSW (2021-23 – 2 years)

have now closed.

Elections for General Council from 2021-2023 will be held at the Annual General Meeting on 12 April.  Register your attendance at the meeting to cast your vote.

There are 10 positions available – 4 people will be elected to the Executive Committee in the first meeting following the AGM.

Please refer to FAQs below


This is a great opportunity to not only contribute to the HCNSW, but to network with your peers. 
It is also a great opportunity to gain experience as a voluntary member of a Not-for-Profit Board in the cultural sector.

Frequently asked questions

When will I get a Zoom link for the AGM?

You need to register for the AGM via the button at the top of this page.  That takes you to an Eventbrite booking site.  We will check that you hold a current membership, then send you a Zoom link prior to the meeting.

How do I get AGM papers?

All members were sent copies of the AGM papers on 26 March 2021 via a bulk Mailchimp mail-out from the HCNSW.  If you can’t locate it:

  • Please check your Promotions/Spam tabs in your inbox (if using GMail)
  • Never fear – links to the papers will be available to all Registrants again on the day of the meeting, in the email containing the Zoom link (therefore Registration for the meeting is crucial)
  • If you are experiencing issues, contact us in advance of the meeting via
Nominations for the General Council


Only current financial members of the HCNSW can nominate or second a person for the General Council.  If you are not sure who to approach, please contact us to seek a list of a few members who may be able to assist you.

Elections to the Executive Committee of the HCNSW


The elections are in two parts:

  1. The General Council (GC) of 10 people is elected at the Annual General Meeting, and all positions, including those of the Executive Council (EC) are thrown open
  2. Within 4 weeks from the date of the AGM, the GC meets to elect the Executive Committee of 4 people from the 10 General Councillors.

Usually, members of the GC make their intentions clear to others on the council in advance of that meeting, and if there are more than 4 people who want to be on the EC, a ballot will be held at that meeting.

What are the roles on the Executive Committee?

(Please refer to the HCNSW Rules & Objectives for further information)

The roles on the Executive Committee are:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

All roles are elected for a 2-year period, with consideration given to requests for leave of absence. 

If I don't want to be on the General Council, can I be on a Subcommittee instead?

Current financial members of the HCNSW will be informed when opportunities to serve on Subcommittees come up.  We currently have three Subcommittees, consisting of 3-5 people each:

  • Annual Awards & Prizes (meets as needed to judge the Awards – July-Aug)
  • Events (meets once a month, or as needed)
  • Grants and Revenue (meets once a fortnight, or as needed)
Do I get paid for serving on the General Council?

General Council, Executive Committee and Subcommittee roles are all voluntary roles.  You will have an opportunity to contribute to the business of the HCNSW, and network with industry peers through meetings and functions.  Some workplaces also encourage and reward involvement in Volunteering.

Who runs the business operations of the HCNSW?

The business operations of the HCNSW are run by two part-time staff:  an Executive Officer (3 days a week) and a Programs-Administration Officer (2 days a week).  Both roles are responsible to the Executive Committee of the HCNSW and also provide secretariat support for meetings.

What rules guide the running of the organisation?

The HCNSW is guided by its Rules and Objectives (Constitution).  It is a registered association and charity and has reporting responsibilities to the Dept of Fair Trading and the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

Where can I find past business reports about the HCNSW?

There are several sources of information about the HCNSW operations:

  • ACNC site (search for History Council of NSW, Inc, if the link doesn’t work) – this gives historic data, with the latest report being dated 30 June in the previous year
  • Annual Reports, accessible on the General Council webpage
What information is available about current Councillors and meeting dates?

A list of current HCNSW Councillors and meeting dates can be found on the Council webpage.