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The Uluru Statement from the Heart:

why and how truth-telling about our history matters  

26 May 2020 marks the third anniversary of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, a statement crafted by the First Nations National Constitutional Convention.  It is a powerful piece of oratory from those who, in their own words, sought to be counted in 1967, and in 2017, to be heard.

The Uluru Statement aims to speak to all Australian citizens, not the government nor the Prime Minister, but ‘the people’.  It claims to represent consensus among Aboriginal peoples about the way forward.

The Uluru Statement is ‘A First Nation’s Voice’ which seeks three central reforms ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’ and advocates what Indigenous people wish to see enshrined within the constitution.

In this conversation, Professor Megan Davis (UNSW), who was deeply involved in the creation of the Uluru Statement, will reflect upon where we are and what next with Professor Heidi Norman (UTS).   Prof Davis is a Cobble Cobble Aboriginal woman from south-east Queensland. Prof Norman is a Gomeroi woman from north-western NSW.

“In Conversation” will be facilitated by HCNSW President, Dr Stephen Gapps.

What is the History Effect?

The History Effect is an online event series, created by the History Council of New South Wales in May 2020 in response to the cancellation of our face-to-face events due to COVID-19.

We aim to feature Historians speaking about contemporary issues and events, as well as research and professional development.

We invite you to book into our events which will be streamed live via our website in the first instance, then subsequently made available for download.

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