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The History Council of NSW is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Executive Officer, Catherine Shirley. The History Council would like to thank Nicole Cama for her dedicated work and service over the past two and half years. We wish her well on her future work as a professional historian.

I have enjoyed working for the History Council immensely, as well as serving its members and the General Council. I have found the process of collaborating on and delivering events and services important to the history community very rewarding, and would like to thank all our members, supporters, partners, staff and General Councillors for their professionalism and support. ~ Nicole Cama

Catherine is an historian and adult educator who has most recently worked at the City of Sydney managing staff professional development. She has a background in the media, having worked at ABC TV as a documentary producer/director and manager.

I am delighted to take up the role of Executive Officer at the History Council of NSW and look forward to working with the members and General Council to continue the achievements of the past and create further opportunities for historians and the community in the future. ~ Catherine Shirley

Image of Nicole Cama by TWH Photography