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Challenges and Opportunities in Intermedial Research

Macquarie University is holding a free workshop, hosted by their Centre for Media History, and led by Dr Sian Nicholas of Aberystwyth University, Wales. Dr Nicholas will share her knowledge and understanding of the methodological challenges involved in researching across different media (specifically broadcasting sources on the one hand and newspapers on the other). She will speak about her own experiences researching first the BBC and then the Fleet Street press during World War II for separate research projects, as well as her attempts to integrate the histories of different media in particular eras. The talk will be followed by general discussion, and consideration of questions or problems arising from participants’ own research.

Topics for discussion might include – but are not restricted to – the character and scope of respective media’s archive resources; their comparative social and/or political role; issues of censorship (including self-censorship) and control in war and peace; audience reception; and cross-media relations and interactions.

Research students and early career researchers working on questions of media history from any discipline are strongly encouraged to attend. Participants from outside Macquarie are welcome. Prospective participants should provide a short outline of their current work as a means of framing the overall discussion, as well as any relevant research problem or question that has arisen in their research project/s.

Please see the event flyer for further information.

When: Friday 28 July 2017, 10:00am-1:00pm.
Where: Y3A211, Macquarie University, North Ryde NSW 2109
Cost: Free

Expressions of interest, including full contact details, should be emailed by Monday 17 July to Dr Jeannine Baker: