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The Australian Historical Association | Awards and Prizes


The AHA administers a range of prizes and awards annually and biennially.

The Association is also proud of their partnership with the National Archives of Australia to offer scholarships to postgraduate students, and the Copyright Agency to offer postgraduate bursaries associated with our annual conference and an ECR mentorship scheme.


The Awards & Prizes


| AHA-Copyright Agency Early Career Researcher Mentorship Scheme

This award supports Early Career Researcher historians to develop their professional skills. It links Early Career Researchers with senior historians who will mentor them in the development of new and innovative works of historical scholarship, in the form of articles to be published in leading journals.

Successful applicants will receive:

  1. A stipend of $1,500 AUD;
  2. Invaluable professional mentoring in the development of articles of historical significance;
  3. The chance to enhance their professional skills and develop their networks.

| AHA/Copyright Agency Postgraduate Conference Bursaries

The Australian Historical Association (AHA) in association with the Copyright Agency offers travel and writing bursaries linked to the AHA annual conference. The bursaries are intended to encourage and support emerging historians who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

The bursary, valued at $800 per applicant, provides financial assistance to conference participants. The bursary is to be used to cover travel and accommodation; the conference registration fee will be waived.

| AHA/Honest History AHA Conference Teacher Scholarship

The AHA/Honest History: AHA Conference Teacher Scholarship supports a secondary school History teacher to attend the annual Australian Historical Association Conference to promote engagement between History teachers and the broader historical community.

The scholarship, valued at $400, provides financial assistance to facilitate attendance at the AHA annual conference. The money is to be used towards assisting with registration costs, travel and accommodation.

| Allan Martin Award

The Allan Martin Award is a research fellowship intended to assist early-career historians further their research in Australian history. Funding of up to $4000 is awarded every year to assist towards the expenses of a research trip undertaken in support of a project in Australian history. The research may be undertaken in Australia or overseas. Applicants are required to show how the research is essential to the completion of the project and how the findings will be subsequently published or otherwise made available to the public.

| Ann Curthoys Prize

The Ann Curthoys Prize is awarded for the best unpublished article-length work by an Early Career Researcher (within 5 years of PhD graduation) in any one or combination of the following fields in which Ann has published:

  • Australian history
  • feminist history
  • Indigenous history
  • transnational/comparative/colonial history
  • history and theory

The Prize honours the varied work and dedicated service to the historical profession of Professor Ann Curthoys; it is generously funded by Ann and Macquarie University, where Ann completed her PhD.

The winner will be awarded:

  • $750 in prize money
  • A citation, presented annually at the AHA national conference.

| Jill Roe Early Career Researcher AHA Conference Scholarship Scheme

The Jill Roe Early Career Researcher AHA Conference Scholarship Scheme supports Early Career Research historians to attend and present at the AHA annual conference. The scholarship, valued at $1000 per applicant, provides financial assistance to facilitate participation in the AHA annual conference. The money is to be used towards assisting with registration costs, travel and accommodation.

| Jill Roe Prize

The Jill Roe Prize is awarded annually for the best unpublished article-length work  of historical research in any area of historical enquiry produced by a postgraduate student.

The Award will be awarded annually for the best unpublished article-length work (5,000-8,000 words, including footnotes) of historical research in any area of historical enquiry produced by a postgraduate student. The Award will consist of a cash payment of $150 and a citation, presented annually at the AHA national conference.

| Kay Daniels Award

The Kay Daniels Award is a biennial prize recognising outstanding original research with a bearing on Australian convict history and heritage including in its international context. In accordance with Kay Daniels’ values, it is to be an international award.

The Award honours the contribution to the study and writing of history in Australia of Dr Kay Daniels. Kay Daniels (1941–2001) taught at the University of Tasmania from 1967 to 1987 and subsequently served with distinction in the Commonwealth Public Service, Canberra, in the areas of cultural policy and intellectual property rights. The Award is a biennial award.  It consists of a cash prize of $1500 and a citation, presented at every second AHA Conference.

| Magarey Medal for Biography

The Magarey Medal for Biography is awarded biennially to the female person who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject. Nominations are invited for a published biography in the form of a book on an Australian subject by a female author in the two years prior to the year of the award.

Nominations may be made either by the author or, with the nominee’s permission, by the book’s publishers or by any member of the Australian Historical Association (AHA) or the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL).

| NAA/AHA Postgraduate Scholarships

National Archives of Australia/Australian Historical Association scholarships assist talented postgraduate scholars with the cost of copying records held in the Archives.

| Serle Award

The Serle Award is given to the best postgraduate thesis in Australian history. The Award of $2,500 is presented biennially at the AHA Conference. The Award is to be used to assist in the transformation of the thesis into a book.

| WK Hancock Prize

The biennial W.K. Hancock Prize recognises and encourages an Australian scholar who has recently published a first scholarly book in any field of history. The Prize of $2,000 and citation will be awarded biennially at the AHA Conference.



|  Please contact The Australian Historical Association for more information and deadlines regarding the awards and prizes.