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Image courtesy of the WEA Sydney

Join WEA Sydney as they host Jo Henwood to discuss “People of Australia: Women’s History” tracing the history and development of women in Australia from the First Fleet to our first female prime minister.

We were the second country in the world where women got the vote. In 2010 we had a female Governor General, Prime Minister, Governor, Premier, and Mayor. Women, from the time Australian history has been written, have created, led, invented, achieved, nurtured, and won, and their stories are fascinating. History, generally, can default to telling the stories of the rich, white men at the top, but they are not the only people who have built and participated. Meet some strong Australians who have contributed to making us the people we are today.


  • First Fleet
  • Aboriginal contact
  • Ladies, women, and concubines: sex and marriage
  • Servants and served: work and motherhood
  • Town and country: location
  • Cycle of life: Age
  • No idle hands: recreation
  • Victorian home angel
  • Education: home, school, and university
  • Careers and work
  • Married Women’s Property Act
  • To Federation: suffrage
  • WWI: volunteers for king and country
  • Between the wars: bread and dripping
  • WWII: frontline and homefront
  • Extending the menu: post war migration
  • Whitlam’s women’s work
  • Threats to body, spirit, and purse
  • First female PM

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When:    Saturday, 16th February 2019, 10am – 1pm
Where:   WEA Sydney, 70-72 Bathurst Street, Sydney, 2000
Cost:      $75 bookings are essential
Contact: 02 9264 2781