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Join the City of Canada Bay Heritage Society for a special talk by Dr Pam Lofthouse on Sydney’s 19th century toll houses. As you pay your tolls on Sydney’s motorways, spare a thought for the colonists who were forced to pay a farthing for every sheep, pig and goat they moved along the roads, with double tolls on Sundays. Introduced by Governor Macquarie, toll bars (gates) and their related toll houses were common around Sydney until the 1870s, yet have now almost disappeared.

Dr Lofthouse, a heritage consultant, became fascinated by toll houses while researching the history of a small stone cottage at Moore Park. Her illustrated talk will explain why and where toll gates and toll houses were built, who operated them and why so few of them remain today.

The talk will be followed by light refreshments and a chance to chat with the speaker.

When: Saturday 1 April 2017, 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start.
Where: City of Canada Bay Museum, 1 Bent Street, Concord NSW 2137.
Cost: Free – donations welcome.
Contact: or 02 9743 3034

Image: Toll House Sydney March 1836 [a view with the Benevolent Asylum], by Robert Russell courtesy State Library of NSW.