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On this week’s episode of GLAMcity, Anna Clark was joined by Maxine Kauter, co- founder and director of Museophilliac. Museophilliac produces bespoke experiences and content for cultural institutions. It’s philosophy is that adult audiences are smart, interested in the mechanics of history and meaning-making, and looking to have a good time.

Clark and Kauter discussed Museophilliac’s work with cultural institutions in Sydney including the Australian Museum and City of Sydney. They also spoke about the mechanisms for how museums make history and how to give people the tools to make their own perspectives, and finally, how institutions can create a conversation and long term relationship with the public.

This week’s episode is available below. You can also listen to the podcast live on Mondays at 7pm on 2SER 107.3FM or download the weekly episode via iTunes or whooshkaa.

Image courtesy of GLAMcity.