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The Dictionary of Sydney is proud to launch new online Liverpool Oral Histories on the Dictionary of Sydney website:

In 2015, the Dictionary of Sydney partnered with Liverpool City Council, Oral History NSW and the Royal Australian Historical Society to increase the oral history content on our site.

Oral historian Margo Beasley was engaged to curate the content, working closely with the Heritage Collection at the Liverpool City Library to capture excerpts of local people reminiscing about the area.

Recorded over 30 years ago, the people interviewed for the Looking Back at Liverpool Project were born in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Their voices reflect the attitudes and experiences of those times and capture a period of Sydney’s history that is fast fading from common memory.

The excerpts cover a range of topics, including: recollections of Aboriginal people in and around Liverpool, buildings fondly remember in the areas, childhood memories of wartime, farm work, school, hobbies and entertainment; stories of living through the hardships of the Depression, experiences of different migrant communities, and memories and experiences of World War I and II on the home front.