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Our Magna Carta Symposium “History’s Most Important Document? The 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta” last Thursday was a complete success! We would like to thank our five marvellous speakers, Prof Nick Cowdery, Prof David Clark, Dr Andrew Think, Dr Rosemary Laing and Prof John Hirst, for an engaging and thought-provoking day! We would also like to thank our President, David Carment, for acting as MC.

The aim of this symposium was to explore the historical and contemporary significance of this ground-breaking document, an aim that we believe was achieved!

We will also be publishing copies of the presentations on our website in the coming days if you missed out on the event!


From left to right: Prof David Clark, Dr Andrew Tink, Prof John Hirst, Prof Nick Cowdery, Dr Rosemary Laing and Emeritus Prof David Carment

Replica of the Magna Carta