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Three objects. Three storytellers. Who is telling you stories?

Inspired by the ABC’s Collectors program, join three cunning tellers of tales as they give you the background of three different objects taken directly from the City of Sydney’s upcoming exhibition, 175 years in 175 objects. All claim to be trustworthy but only one of them is telling the ‘truth’.

Take a dip into the collections of the City of Sydney to explore all manner of curiosities that have made it what it is today. From governing to building, working to inspiring this show will illuminate the people, places and often unexpected things that make up civic life. Resident museophiliac, collections nut and liar, Maxine Kauter, presents this evening in which we explore the vivid intersection of history and perspective that makes up this city’s identity.

Each of our three story tellers will spin a tale about the history selected objects. All of them will relate tales from the history of this city but only one of them will be telling the truth. Can you spot a tall tale from the true? Our audience will get the chance to outwit our panel of fablers with off the cuff questions. Think you’re an expert? Can you spot a liar? Join us to celebrate the City of Sydney’s 175th anniversary and find out!

When: Thursday 12 October 2017, 8-9pm
Where: Customs House Library, 31 Alfred Street, Sydney
Cost: Free – bookings recommended.
Contact: 02 9265 9333

Image courtesy City of Sydney Archives.