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Image courtesy Historic Houses Association of Australia

For over 180 years, the harbourside mansion of Lindesay has been home to a cast of intriguing characters and their secrets. We’re opening up Lindesay during History Week for you to explore its stories, scandals and obscure spaces!

Join us for a special HHA fundraiser, Spirits in the Cellar on September 7, where we will pay homage to all those who worked downstairs at Lindesay. Our very own butler will be on hand to welcome guests down below where they will be treated to a selection of fine whiskey and cheese, and a presentation by one of Australia’s leading single malt whiskey experts David Ligoff and dynamic young cheese monger Claudia Macintosh Bowman. Lindesay will also be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, with tours to be held intermittently through the week. These events are co-presented by Lindesay and the Historic Houses Association of Australia. Lindesay is a National Trust property.

When: Friday 7 September 2018, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where: Lindesay, 1A Carthona Avenue, Darling Point
Cost: $125 – Strictly limited
Contact:, 02 9252 5554
Hosted by Historic Houses Association of Australia