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The City of Canada Bay Heritage Society invites you to a talk by Betty Candy on The Shipwrecks of Homebush Bay. Most Sydneysiders are unaware that Homebush Bay is home to a ship graveyard. All of these ships were abandoned during the 1970s when they were deemed to no longer be of use. Today, they adorn the landscape at what is now Wentworth Point.

These shipwrecks are a photographers dream come true. As well as the old ships there, many items from maritime structures are still clinging to the shoreline.

Betty Candy is a committee member of City of Sydney Historical Association. She heard about these wrecks and, with a camera, decided to investigate. Join her as she shares what she has uncovered about the various wrecks at Homebush Bay.

When: Saturday 5 August 2017, 2:00-3:30pm
Where: City of Canada Bay Museum, 1 Bent St, Concord.
Cost: Free
Contact:, 02 9743 3034

Image: Shipwreck in Homebush Bay, courtesy of City of Canada Bay Heritage Association.