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Image: Serbian Orthodox Military Chaplain – service for dead Serbian soldiers (Vardiste, Bosnia) Photographer Risto Sukovic – WWI 1914-1918 postcards From Veliki Rat, project of the National Library of Serbia, courtesy of St Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Chruch.

As part of History Week 2018, the St Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church will be hosting an exhibition of photographs along with talks about Serbian orthodox death and burial customs on Saturday 1 September.

Military chaplains were assigned to all military regiments of the Serbian Army to look after spiritual welfare, to offer counsel and solace to their men, to administer services and holy communion. One of their most important duties was burring the dead. It is estimated that almost a quarter of Serbia’s population perished in the Great War. They perished on battlefields, in POW camps, from hunger and exposure, from a typhus epidemic, and through massacres by the invading armies.

When:    Saturday 1 September, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Where:   St Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church14 Renwick Street Alexandria
Cost:       Free
Contact: or 0421 971 901
Hosted by:  St Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church