History Week: Life and Death

1-9 September 2018 Our flagship festival, History Week 2018: ‘Life and Death’, will explore life’s defining moments and the impact of death on communities across time. The theme of Life and Death includes stories about life’s milestones and how different cultures come to terms with death. How do we commemorate people’s lives and what do rituals and burial practices reveal about our relationship with and understanding of life and death? History Week will investigate how death has been feared, used as form of punishment and shattered communities. But it will also show how communities have rebuilt after loss, shared stories across generations and inspired remembrance and creative expression.

Image courtesy State Library of NSW

What History Week is about

History Week has been the History Council of NSW’s flagship since 1997. It engages communities across NSW, celebrates the best in community and professional history and highlights history’s important role in our cultural life.

Each year our members collaborate to host events that explore a particular theme. From talks to exhibitions, tours to online engagement, there is something for everyone.

History Week aims


To showcase history in an innovative and exciting format


To provide educational experiences that reach students and the general public and promote lifelong learning opportunities


To attract new audiences to history, demonstrating that history is exciting, relevant and all around us


To present audiences with rich and diverse histories relevant to all aspects of our community

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