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Image courtesy of the City of Canada Bay Heritage Society

The City of Canada Bay Heritage Society’s October guest lecture will feature Robert Mills who will discuss the history of postcards and the fascinating stories behind them on Saturday 6 October.

Written communication in the form of postcards is no longer fashionable in the age of computer communications. However, 100 years ago, the postcard was a prime means of communicating with friends and business associates. Multiple mail deliveries per day ensured that messages sent in the morning would be delivered later on the same day. Cards were also often produced for business use and advertised all manner of activities and products.

Robert Mills has been collecting cards for many years and finds the hobby most rewarding. Robert has been a member of the NSW Postcard Collectors Society since the 1980s. Postcards offer unique insights into the past as they give a visual component, often a written message and a date stamp – perfect for historical research.

When: Saturday 6 October, 1:30pm for 2:00pm start.
Where: City of Canada Bay Museum, 1 Bent Street, Concord
Cost: Free (donations welcomed)
Contact: 02 9744-8528