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Image courtesy of Norfolk Island Museum.

Did you know that Norfolk Island Museum actually has four venues, all with their own unique exhibitions?

They have four excellent exhibition spaces at the Pier Store, the Commissariat Store, No. 10 Quality Road, and a space dedicated to the HMS Sirius Museum. 
Across these wonderful museums you can find the history of the settlers descended from the bounty mutineers, the history of the Polynesian settlers,  colonial life, and the History of the HMS Sirius, shipwrecked on Norfolk Island. Just a few of their exciting pieces are: a one tonne anchor, cannon balls, a colonial house, a Polynesian hearthstone, and colonial whips and ceramics.
All museums are open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 3pm (The Pier Store Museum is open Sundays too) and a single visit pass starts at $10, or get a multi visit pass to all four for only $35. You can also contact for more information
You can find out more about the museum here, and look out for information on their tag-a-long tours, and cemetery walking tour.