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As part of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of the Arts April events programme, author Nadia Jamal takes you inside the lives of ordinary Muslim women from around Australia in her new book, ‘Headstrong Daughters’. These women are working professionals, mothers, and students. At home they are finding ways to stay true to their faith as well as to themselves, navigating the expectations of their families and the traditions they brought with them to their new country.

These candid and moving stories reveal a side to Australian life that is little known and often misunderstood. Inspiring, warm and determined, these women are the new face of Islam in Australia.

‘Jamal’s neutral, yet gently perceptive style allows the stories of her women to shine through, illuminating the myriad points of intersection with Islam in ordinary life. An absolutely fascinating and illuminating read.’
— Annabel Crabb, ABC writer and broadcaster

Nadia Jamal is a former senior journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald and co-author of the award-winning Glory Garage: Growing up Lebanese Muslim in Australia. She has become a lawyer and works as a financial crime analyst.

When: Thursday 26 April, 12:30pm
Where: Mitchell Theatre, 280 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Cost: Free
Contact: 02 9262 7300

Image courtesy of the SMSA.