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Image: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, courtesy of the Australian National Maritime Museum

In celebration of History Week 2018, Dr Nigel Erskine, Head of Research at the Australian National Maritime Museum and former Director of the Norfolk Island museum will talk about the history of life and sometimes gruesome death on Pitcairn Island.

Pitcairn Island, a society which was spawned from the infamous Bounty mutiny of 1789 is a society which continues to the present day.  Dr Erskine will explore the history of  Pitcairn Island including what happened to Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers and will explore the question but “where are their graves?”

When:   Wednesday 5 September, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Where:  Australian National Maritime Museum Vaughan Evans Library, Wharf 7, 58 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont 2009
Contact: or 0402 969 535
Hosted by:   Australian National Maritime Museum