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History Week (3-11 September 2016) is just over a two months away and we’ve had over 55 event registrations so far! The History Council of NSW would like to thank its members for supporting and participating in our annual festival, now in its 19th year. If you are a member, don’t miss out on your chance to take part and register now.

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Applications for our Speaker Connect program close on 30 June 2016.

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To help your organisation get ready for History Week, we’ve created a range of promotional material and resources:

  • Download our publicity guide (PDF 217 KB) for our tips on generating attention for your History Week event
  • Download our History Week media release template (word doc 592 KB) which you can fill out and use to promote your events
  • Use our event information sheet to fill in details of your History Week event for distribution or display
  • You can also download our History Week postcard (PDF 976 KB) or poster (PDF 2 MB). If you would like hard copies of the postcard or poster, please email us or call us on (02) 9252 8715.

History Week 2016: Neighbours

The theme of neighbours is crucial to our understanding of the past’s impact on the present. It includes stories of individuals, families and communities living near one another and links between adjoining suburbs, regions and countries. As the success of the Australian television program Neighbours shows, the theme has long been a significant component of popular culture. It shaped imagination and memories, created identities and was a source of both conflict and friendship.

How important were class, the economy, gender, governments, the media, race, religion and sport in the formation of ideas regarding neighbours? How have attitudes regarding a nation’s geographic neighbours determined defence, foreign, immigration, refugee and trade policies? Did new types of communication and transport from the nineteenth century onwards radically alter how neighbours and neighbourhoods were perceived? In 2016 History Week focuses on these and other related questions.

Follow the conversation and share your experiences using the hashtag #HistoryWeek16.