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Join the Richmond River Historical Society for look at the colourful history of hats. As hats are now largely a fashion choice, it can be difficult to recollect an era where a hat was so popular as to be an expected part of clothing for all but the very young. The change began to appear after World War II.

Throughout our longer history, hats have played several functions, from fashion to protection, for ceremonies and rituals, for women and men. They were markings of the class to which the bearer belonged, and were used to present nationality, or branches and ranks in the services.

All interested are invited to the launch of the exhibition “Hat Box Treasures”, which will take place on Sunday 10 September. The exhibition will run through until 9 October 2017.

When: Exhibition launch: Sunday 10 September 2017, 2pm- 4pm
The exhibition will run from Sunday 10 September 2017- Monday 9 October 2017
Where: Richmond River Historical Society, 165 Molesworth Street, Lismore
Cost: Launch is free. Subsequently the exhibition will require the normal museum entry fee of $2.
Contact: or 02 6621 9993
Hosted by Richmond River Historical Society

Image: Vintage hats, courtesy Richmond River Historical Society