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What does it mean to be a public cultural institution in the 21st century? What does it mean to work in one?

The programme for GLAMSLAM 2019 has just been released.

GLAMSLAM 2019 will be hosted by the University of Technology Sydney’s Australian Centre for Public History on 1 March 2018 at the State Library of NSW.


8.30am Registration

9am Welcome to Country
9.05am Introductory Remarks, Tamson Pietsch (UTS)
9.15am Keynote: GLAM Power as Clean Energy? Bring it on! David Ritter (Greenpeace)

  • What do cultural institutions have to do with climate change? The conditions for life on earth are under unprecedented threat: our home is flooding and on fire; our animals are dying and our children are losing hope. How can the GLAM sector respond to the pressing question of our times?

10.15am Morning Tea
10.40am Lightning Talks Round 1
11.40am Keynote: Radically Reframing the Problem of Value in Arts and Culture, Julian Meyrick (Flinders)

  • Julian will be arguing that we need to reframe the evaluation of arts and culture and lift it out of the rut of methodological fetishism where the social sciences, especially economics, currently have it.

12.40pm Lunch (The Student March for Climate Action will go past the library at lunch, we are planning to cheer them on!)
1.15pm Lightning Talks Round 2
2.15pm Showcase Booths
3pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm GLAMJAMs
4.50pm Closing Remarks, Tamson Pietsch (UTS)
5pm Drinks and canapés
5.30pm Close of GLAMSLAM

At 5.30pm our day at the Library will end but we warmly invite you to join us at Hyde Park House afterwards from 5.45pm for informal drinks.

To find out more about the format of these sessions see here. There are also a series of fringe events that you can read about here.

If you have any enquiries you can contact the organisers here: