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On this season’s final episode of radio program GLAMcity on 2SER 107.3FM, Tamson Peitsch and Anna Clark were joined by Phillipa McGuiness, Executive Publisher at NewSouth Publishing and author of The Year That Changed Everything 2001.

Tamson, Anna and Phillipa discussed remembering bigger narratives through the prism of one’s own personal experience, as well as the tendency for academics to leave their personal narratives out of their examinations of history. They also spoke of the major events that shaped Australia in 2001 including: Australia’s centenary, the Tampa affair, 9/11, the collapse of Ansett Airlines, and the launch of the hit show, The Secret Life of Us.

Phillipa has been a publisher, mainly of Australian history, for more than twenty years. The Year That Changed Everything 2001 is her first attempt at ‘swapping sides’ from publisher to author.

This episode is available below. You can also listen to the podcast live on Mondays at 7pm on 2SER 107.3FM or download the weekly episodes via iTunes or whooshkaa.

Image courtesy of Jason L’Ecuyer, Executive Producer, Glam City