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Expression of Interest from members of the History Council of NSW
Events Subcommittee

Fill out this form if you would like to express interest in a voluntary role on the Events Subcommittee. Applications close on Tuesday 7 March 2023

Please ensure you have read the information available on our website before applying. 

For any questions regarding the position, contact Catherine Shirley, Executive & Strategic Development Officer at executive@historycouncilnsw.org.au

We are choosing 3 - 4 people from those expressing interest, with the names of others kept on a wait list.  All applicants must be members.

My Background

Please provide information about your background an your interest in serving on this subcommittee. Applicants should write their responses in a separate document before pasting it into the fields below to prevent loss of data.

1.  Outline your skills, experience or interest in History/Cultural events

2.  Please detail specific skills that you can bring to this subcommittee (these can also include skills from outside the history/heritage field)

3.  Outline your past experiences serving on voluntary committees

4.  Please indicate your willingness to attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings in the year, if the time/schedule is appropriate.

5. List your qualifications (Note:  qualifications are not essential for these roles.  If you don't wish to fill this in, just write n/a, or in the case of an undergraduate, just write "Candidate for [name of degree]"

6. Do you have a computer with Zoom capabilities?


7. Are you willing to serve on this subcommittee in a voluntary capacity?