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#CollectionHighlight Social Media Submission

Do you have interesting photographs or objects (or know of any) that you would like to share with the History Council of NSW (HCNSW) and our audience?

Our #CollectionHighlight social media campaign explores and highlights photographs, objects and archival material in our corporate members' collections. And we would love to hear any suggestions that you might have!

Please use this form to submit images for the #CollectionHighlight social media program. Relevant details required include:

~ Organisation name

~ Applicable social media links

~ Proposed image/s for inclusion

~ Image credits (e.g. title, date, collection).

If you have any questions about the #CollectionHighlight social media campaign or issues submitting the form, please email intern@historycouncilnsw.org.au or programs@historycouncilnsw.org.au.

Organisation Details

Upload your #CollectionHighlight suggestion/s for publication on our social media channels. Please note jpeg and png files are accepted (maximum file size of 5MB).