Endorsement -Value of History Statement

The History Council of NSW is seeking your and/or your organisation's endorsement for the Value of History Statement.  If you have any questions about this matter, please don't hesitate to contact us via email:  admin@historycouncilnsw.org.au

Thank you for your time and valuable input.

Catherine Shirley, Executive Officer.

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Statement of endorsement

I believe that History has value, and that the study of the past and the telling of its stories are critical to our sense of belonging, our communities and to our shared future.

I have read the History Councils' Statement about the Value of History and I am pleased to endorse it in principle.

I understand that:

- the Value of History campaign is being conducted cooperatively by the History Council of Victoria, Inc; the History Council of New South Wales, Inc; the History Council of South Australia, Inc; and the History Council of Western Australia, Inc.

- my endorsement will be treated as confidential unless I give permission for it to be made public.

- my data will be used anonymously in aggregations for campaigns at national, state and local levels to support advocacy on behalf of History.


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I agree to my name being added to the HCNSW mailing list.

I agree to my Comments below and name being used on the History Council of NSW's website, Newsletter, Annual Report and associated government reports.