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HCNSW Annual History Awards 



Tuesday, 9 July 2024, at 5:00 pm 

Purpose of the Annual History Awards Program

Our Awards & Prizes program aims to foster excellence in Australian historical writing, showcase and reward best practices, and advance and promote public understanding and appreciation of history.

We offer a number of prestigious annual awards and prizes totalling $5,500 in prize money. Winners are announced and presentations in December.

Criteria and Eligibility

Please read carefully the information available on the website as well as the Preamble and Rules document pertaining to the Award/s for which you wish to submit your work to ensure the eligibility of the nominated work.

Please ensure that you have reviewed the criteria for the Award or Prizes, which are available via the links below, prior to submitting. 

(Note - multiple applications for awards are allowed via this form, selecting all relevant categories).


(each criterion opens as a PDF document).  Applications must be made via this form (not the Criteria doc), by filling out the fields below & attaching your submission/s.

First Nations History Award
Addi Road Award for Multicultural History
Max Kelly Award
The Macquarie-PHA Applied History Award
The Jill Roe Regional History Award

***Works that do not conform to the rules will not be considered.

If you have any questions contact us at programs@historycouncilnsw.org.au or contact us on 0418 811 522.


If you are submitting work on behalf of multiple authors, please enter the names (including titles such as Dr.), group name, or organisation that should be acknowledged as the author/s of the work. If this work is selected for an award or prize, this is who will be acknowledged on the certificate.


Which Award/s are you applying for?

Title of Nominated Work

Please provide a brief overview of your nominated work/s. (2,000 characters total)

Describe the context or purpose in which this/these work/s were undertaken giving all relevant details including the dates during which the bulk of the work was completed. For example: Undergraduate Essay, Department of History, University of Sydney, Course Name, Semester number, Lecturer or Commissioned History, Client name and contact, date undertaken etc. If the work has been supervised, you must include the name of the supervisor, lecturer or tutor who worked with you. (2000 characters)

Detail how your entry/entries meet the selection criteria for the Awards (1000 characters)


All works are judged anonymously. Please remove any reference to the author on the submitted work. 

If you need to submit two copies of your work for explanatory purposes, please ensure that one copy is de-identified.

Failure to remove your name from the work will result in disqualification.  

Do you give the History Council of NSW permission to use your biography and photograph for promotional purposes, if you win a Award or Prize?Tick one box
Are you willing to be contacted by the media for promotional purposes?Tick one box
Occasionally we capture our events in photographs and/or recordings. Please indicate if this is or is not acceptable to you


I, the author of the above-named work, have read the rules relating to my selected Prize/Award offered by the History Council of NSW and confirm that it is a work substantially undertaken in the 12 months prior to the closing date for applications. I hereby nominate the work for consideration by the judges and agree to accept the judges’ decision as final. In the event of publication arising from this award, I accept responsibility for obtaining all copyright clearances and accreditations.

Please upload an image of yourself in jpeg or png format (max file size 5MB). Alternatively, you can provide this to us if your application is successful. Applicants must ensure they comply with copyright requirements and supply the details of the photographer or publisher.

Please upload a copy of your nominated work in .pdf format or exegesis in .pdf and multimedia (eligible awards/prizes only - check conditions prior to submitting) in .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .jpg, .jpeg or .png. (max file size 25MB). 

(Please note: If you are having trouble uploading your multimedia files please contact programs@historycouncilnsw.org.au for further assistance.)

Please note: Remove any identifiers from your pdf/doc application. Judging is anonymous. Failing to do will make your work ineligible for consideration and judging.