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History Week 2024 Event Registration Form

Closing date :  Tuesday, 30 July, 2024

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The History Week 2024 theme - Marking Time - is an opportunity for members to consider how  we commemorate. 

What people, events and histories do we - or don’t we - celebrate or remember? 

 How do we mark time?  From the personal marking of time in photographs to state commemorations of pageantry, the ways we remember the past are varied: sometimes grand, sometimes fleeting, sometimes conflicting. How have the different ways we mark historical moments changed over time? How might different communities remember the past? What pasts do we forget when we commemorate? In what forms do we mark time: statues, parades, monuments, plaques, displays, exhibitions, journals, diaries and even marks cut into a stone wall? 

The History Council of NSW invites its members around the state to reflect upon, question and examine how we commemorate these and other historical moments. Marking Time asks the question: how do we remember and what do we find important to commemorate?

You are encouraged to tell these stories through Histories of particular interest to you. We encourage variety and diversity.

Your event/s can be held online, in person or in a mixed hybrid model.


1)  You must be a member of the History Council of NSW to register an event for History Week 2024. Events must be relevant to the practice of history and the theme, 'Marking Time', and will be published at the discretion of the History Council. 

2)  Check out our History Week 2024 webpage for FAQs.

3) Please contact us for suggestions about how you might be able to run your event online if you are not practiced at doing so.

4) If you are going to run online & in-person events, please fill out a separate entry form for each program of events (not individual days of the same event).

The event must take place during History Week: 

7th - 15th September 2024​

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We would very much like for you to share your final event attendance numbers and overall feedback with us after the event. Please note that we may be in touch with a survey to gather this information after the conclusion of History Week.