Talk | Remaking a Landscape: Work and Workers in the Pilbara’s Iron Ore Industry: a talk by Bradon Ellem

Hosted by Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Sydney Branch

The Pilbara is central to the Australian economy and imagination. Its landscape, at once ‘different’ and ‘archetypal’, made and remade over aeons of time, is now a site of undreamt-of profits and export wealth.

The Pilbara’s importance is precisely about its remaking; the 1960s union heartland is now a globally-oriented business site, turning work, workers and community upside down. This vision of a new Pilbara has reshaped workplaces and politics both locally and Australia-wide.

Professor Bradon Ellem teaches industrial relations at the University of Sydney. He combines historical insights with labour geography to make sense of current industrial relations in sectors ranging from clothing manufacturing to mining and places as diverse as the Pilbara and Sweden’s Arctic north.

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