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As part of History Week 2018, Melissa Holmes will use the tragic death of William Reynolds Jr. in a violent accident in 1838 to explore the way death was perceived and dealt with in the pre-industrial penal colony of Sydney in the early nineteenth century.

Death was an intrinsic part of life the early days of Sydney.  Life was precarious and death was considered an inevitable conclusion in the natural order of the universe.  It was faced with acceptance, stoicism and the comfort of old rituals in the new world.

However, some deaths such as murder, suicide and accidents, upset the natural order and were deeply unsettling to a community that was hanging on by an existential thread.  Come along and hear Melissa speak about these ideas through a close examination of the death of William Reynolds Jr in 1838.

When:    Saturday 1 September, 4.00pm-5.00pm 
Phillips Foote Restaurant, 101 George Street, The Rocks (upstairs)
Contact: or 0415307342
Hosted by:
Melissa holmes