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Image: Mascot Aerodrome, c.1930s, State Library of Victoria (2394324), courtesy of Bayside Libraries

Bayside Libraries are celebrating History Week 2018 by hosting Dr Peter Hobbins, who will talk about the history of Aircraft accidents in Mascot, Australia.

Aircraft accidents are extraordinary events, especially in our world of routine air travel. However, from its first flights in 1919 to the big jets of the early 1970s, Mascot Aerodrome was the site of numerous fatal crashes and some terrifying near-misses.

Come and hear Dr Peter Hobbins talk about a number of these accidents including a light aircraft spinning into the ground and an airliner breaking up mid-air over Botany Bay. In telling these stories of death in the air, this talk explores how they also help us understand everyday life on the ground at Mascot from the earliest days of Sydney Airport.

When:     Saturday 8 September, 2.00pm-4.00pm
Where:    Mascot Library & George Hanna Memorial Museum
Cost:        Free
Contact: or 02 8338 0313
Hosted by: Bayside Libraries