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Congratulations to Sally Fried, the winner of our recent newsletter book competition. Sally has won a copy of Jeannine Baker’s new book Australian Women War Reporters: Boer War to Vietnam, published by New South Books.

Why do Australians know the names of Charles Bean, Alan Moorehead and Chester Wilmot, but not Agnes Macready, Anne Matheson and Lorraine Stumm?

Baker uncovers the hidden story of Australian and New Zealand women war reporters who fought for equality with their male colleagues and filed stories from the main conflicts of the twentieth century. Two women covered the South African War at the turn of the century, and Louise Mack witnessed the fall of Antwerp in 1914. Others such Anne Matheson, Lorraine Stumm and Kate Webb wrote about momentous events including the rise of Nazism, the liberation of the concentration camps, the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the Cold War conflicts in Korea and Southeast Asia.

These are the women who carved a path for new generations of female foreign correspondents building upon their legacy.

Many thanks to New South Books for providing us with a copy of this new and exciting history, and congratulations again to our winner.