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Pitted against the harsh terrain of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, two colonial women haul a coffin to its final resting place, only to be confronted with a deadly surprise at their destination.

Take a look at this exciting and powerful new addition to Australian cinema. A Revisionist Western written by Danielle Baynes & Yolanda Ramke, Cold Hearts challenges the masculine spaces and characters that dominate the Western film genre. It follows the story of two sisters in colonial Australia as they attempt to transport a coffin to its final resting place across the treacherous Snowy Mountains. Bold and self-possessed, Orla leads the charge with an unwavering commitment, whilst her sibling, Bright, struggles to come to terms with the purpose of their expedition. When a deadly turn of events befalls them at their final destination, the strength of both women and the virtue of their true mission will be dangerously put to the test.

With stellar female writers, directors and production team, Cold Hearts places women firmly at the centre of this colonial story and shows that female-driven genre pieces are equally as gripping, complex and physical as our favourite Westerns.

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