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The City of Parramatta Council has re-released a request for quotations for a professional investigation, confirmation and documentation of elements of Parramatta’s history.

Their aim is to engage a suitably experienced person or consortium to identify gaps in the knowledge of Parramatta’s diverse history and then to investigate, confirm and document:

  • patterns of migration and the interactions between peoples which resulted,
  • events or activities that influenced Parramatta’s growth, and
  • how those interactions, events or activities catalysed change in Parramatta and beyond.

Individuals or a consortium comprising writer/historian/cultural researchers are requested to research and synthesise information about:

  • the movements of Aboriginal peoples in the Parramatta area around early contact time, 1788 and beyond;
  • the movements Aboriginal peoples in and out of the Parramatta area since 1788 and the reasons for, or causes of, those movements;
  • waves of immigration since 1788 of non-Aboriginal people including migrants and refugees, and
  • the impact of events in Parramatta on the surrounding Sydney basin, NSW and Australia since 1788.

This work will require:

  • attendance at a project inception meeting and subsequent meetings;
  • identification of gaps in the integrated record, mapping of key events that have influenced change and growth in the region, investigate and assess relevant sources of contact, historic and contemporary periods with clear links to events across the Sydney Basin;
  • research and compile evidence of contact, historic and contemporary waves of migration, including refugees, and links to events beyond Parramatta;
  • delivery of a draft comprehensive and easy-to-read written account, to include an a detailed breakdown of timeframe and ethnicity of waves of migration, refugees and the resulting social impacts and links to events beyond Parramatta;
  • a detailed written account of findings in comprehensive and accessible format, tailored to a range of audiences including: Aboriginal and CALD community stakeholders; council staff; general public and other professionals, and
  • finalisation and delivery of the document that includes an accessible and engaging Opening Summary, which provides a stand-alone outline of the findings.

The City of Parramatta will make the resulting content available through a range of accessible devices and media to target the diverse audiences living in, and visiting, the LGA. They strongly encourage submissions from Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islanders or people from CALD communities, as individuals or in teams.

Quotations are now due by 2pm Tuesday 31 January 2017.

To read more about the request, its background, scope, budget, evaluation and submission guidelines, and to view a preliminary lists of sources, click the link below.


Contact: Cath Renwick
Interpretation and Strategy Coordinator
(02) 8839 3332 or