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Professor Patrick Nunn

HCNSW’s Project Officer for First Nations Histories, Katrina Dubé, has organised a lecture by Prof. Patrick Nunn on the topic of “History and Memory: Oral Histories and the Science of the Dreaming.” We are seeking questions from our community for Prof. Nunn to answer. Submit your questions via email, and we will curate a list for him to answer. Stay tuned for news of when the video will be premiered on our social media!

Patrick Nunn

History and Memory: Oral Histories and the Science of the Dreaming

The power of recall in oral societies is phenomenal … but many scientists have only just started to understand this and think about its implications. In Australia, some of the stories that have been told longest are about ocean rise after the last ice age and the effects of volcanic eruptions, both topics which are covered in this talk.

Geologist and climate scientist, Patrick Nunn, Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, has written extensively about how many ‘myths and legends’ are not fictions but culturally-filtered memories.

First Nations Stories Series 2024

"the interpretation of Aboriginal story is best done with great care and in partnership with Indigenous owners of this knowledge."

Laura Rademaker, 2021

“Indigenous writing and voices have deepened Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islender histories by offering new perspectives, not just through firsthand experiences but also by opening windows into Indigenous worldviews shaped by kin, ancestral beings and cultural responsibilities.”

-Shino Konishi, 2020