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Hurstville Museum and Gallery invite you to explore their new exhibition “All things great and small.” This new main gallery exhibition presents a selection of items from the Hurstville Museum & Gallery collection and illustrates how objects tell different stories depending on their context and audience.

The objects on display both great and small once belonged to residents of the St George area; some were a part of daily life, while others were made for special occasions. Objects included are bicycle lamps, a meat mincer, a manicure set, a boudoir doll, a typewriter and much more. Discover the objects’ history, immerse yourself in imaginative stories created by the Discovery Writers Group and share your personal memories of some of the items on display.

When: This exhibition will run from 22 July to 13 October 2017. Opening Hours.
Where: 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville NSW 2220
Cost: Free
Contact:, 02 9330 6444

Image: courtesy of Hurstville Museum and Gallery.