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Image: Funerary relief from Amiternum, depicting deceased on funerary couch surrounded by musicians and mourners, photograph taken at Aquila Museum by Hugh Lindsay.

What did the Romans think about death? How did they commemorate those who had passed away? And what happened to the bodies of the deceased?

This public talk by University of Newcastle Senior Lecturer in Ancient History Hugh Lindsay will consider what is known of funeral rituals in Ancient Rome and how they reflect Roman attitudes to grief and separation. The concept of death pollution, the fear of the ill-omened event, and the potential of the corpse to upset the equilibrium of day to day business, as well as how people of different statuses memorialized their relatives, will be examined in this fascinating exploration into the ancient past.

When: Thursday 6 September, 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Where: Room X803, NeW Space, University of Newcastle City Campus (corner of Hunter and Auckland Streets), Newcastle
Cost: Free
Hosted by: University of Newcastle